How do I book in the Blue Zone?

To create a booking for the blue zone, you would have to go through the GrydPark App, which is available for download at the AppStore or the Google Play Store.

Once you have created or logged into your GrydPark account, in the "Explore" Page, search up "400 Tache Ave, Winnipeg Manitoba" in the "Where to?" section. After you have selected the start and end time of the booking, you can select "Find Parking".

If the Blue Zone is available during the time frame you are booking for, in the "Lot Options" it will give you a chance to select the parking zone for the lot, "Blue Zone" or "Green Zone", you can then select for the blue zone and create your booking!

If the app doesn't give you the option to book the blue zone, this means that during the timeframe you selected, the blue zone is completely booked. We reccommend booking the blue zone up to 3 weeks in advance to secure your spot in this zone!