400 Tache Guest Checkout

To park without pre-booking a parking spot there are three different different options to choose.

1.  Pull up to the Green Zone and scan the QR on the sign with the camera of your mobile device. This will take you to the Guest Checkout screen which will look like this:
Enter the building address (400 Tache) as well as your vehicle information and press "Next". Then select how long you would like to make a booking for. You can choose either minutes or hours.

  Finally, confirm your booking details at checkout and you're good to go!

2. If you have an account on the GrydPark app you can also Park and Pay through the app. You can pull into a spot in the Green Zone and make a booking on the app. To book your spot the steps are the same, enter the building address (400 Tache) and your vehicle information as well as the duration of your parking.

Additionally, when making your booking make sure to select “Green Zone- Park and Pay” during checkout. Once you checkout you're all set!

3. Alternatively, you can also park and pay at the attendant booth with cash or card.