How do I add spots to a property?

  • After clicking on the ‘Add spot(s)’ icon on the ‘Property Details’ page you will be brought to the ‘Add Spots’ page. 

  • Under the Spot numbers section, you can enter the spot number(s) you would like to add. If you are adding multiple spots you can enter the range of the spots in the format of “1-100” to auto-fill. 

  • You can then select the amenities that your spot(s) have in the ‘Amenities’ section. 

  • In the ‘Schedule/Price’ section you can set the default schedule for the spot. For vacant spots, the days of the week should be set in all green and the sliding bar for the time available should be set from 12:00 am till 11:59 pm or that the sliding bars are at the opposite ends. If you are setting different availability for different days, you can add a new availability block under ‘+Timeline & Price Range’.